New Car Detail!


When you collect your brand new car from the dealership you would expect it to be in incredible condition with not a mark in it! Unfortunately this is occasionally not the case

Vehicles can leave the factory with sanding marks or unrefined paintwork in some areas. Vehicles can be left in compounds outside which can leave vehicles prone to have bird poo etchings as they will sit for a certain period of time. Improper washing and preparation techniques are used getting your car ready for your collection.

This brand new 24 plate BMW M3 Competition is a great example. It came in to us for our new car detail and we found numerous imperfections in the paint work which we had to address before applying coatings. We found 5 bird etching marks on the roof and nearside doors. Numerous marks around the rear number plate, light swirling all over the vehicle and the high gloss black trims extremely swirled.

Once all the paintwork had been corrected we used a range of Titan Ceramic Coatings all over the vehicle to not only protect the paintwork but also to massively boost gloss levels and to make maintenance extremely easy. Titan Ceramic Coatings offer extremely high chemical resistance. Having your vehicle ceramic coated you will also notice your vehicle staying cleaner for longer as the dirt and build up will struggle to bond to the surface.

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