Race By Design UK are proud to be certified installers for Xpel Paint Protection Films. We are Xpel’s certified regional dealer for West Sussex as seen on Xpel’s website. Please see below for more details regarding our Paint Protection Film services.

PPF Options

There are many options which you can choose from when it comes to PPF coverage. you can have as little or as much as you like. We always recommend at least front end coverage as this is your impact zone but for complete protection you can protect the whole vehicle.

The areas typically covered are,

  1. Full Front Bumper
  2. Bonnet
  3. Front Wings
  4. Headlights/Fog Lights
  5. Mirror Caps
  • Standard Front End Vehicle Coverage
  • Extended Front End Coverage
  • Full Vehicle Coverage
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Why use Xpel?

We have been an Xpel Dealer for over 8 years and we were one of the very first companies to take on their product when they came in to the UK in 2011. Since we have been with them we have seen them grow and become a very competitive brand.They have developed their Ultimate Paint Protection film to a very high standard.

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film has a very high level of protection protecting any paintwork from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, bird droppings and acidic fly’s. Their product is UV Friendly allowing the sun to penetrate through to the paintwork at the same rate as it would on any panel which isn’t protected. Xpel Ultimate has self healing properties which cause any light marks or scratches to disappear in the sunlight. Xpel Ultimate has a very high gloss finish with zero orange peel.

Once the install is complete we notice that the Paint Protection Film enhances the finish of the paintwork. The computer generated patterns are created to fit any car panel perfectly allowing you to wrap edges and also to make any edges near enough invisible. All of Xpel’s Products are covered with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.


Protect your investement

Paintwork is one of the most valuable part on any vehicle and is the first thing anyone will see, including you, on a daily basis. Looking after your paintwork is essential when considered as part of the vehicle resale value.

Multiple Options

Car paint protection is not a one choice service, it can be tailored to suit your exact needs, be that standard front end coverage or full wrap protection in leading films such as Xpel Ultimate.

Computer generated templates

At Race By Design we have trained in the skill of applying templated paint protection to world leading vehicles. This means the kits fit perfectly to any car we work on and protects every vehicle from having the film cut with a blade, near your valuable paitnwork.

The Wrap Process

A skilled, technical but highly effective solution

PPF Preparation

Prior to installation we will snow foam the car, hand wash it with two separate buckets and dry it with specialist drying cloths. The car will be driven in to the workshop and put under bright lights where it will be clay barred removing any remaining dirt so we can start our examination and inspect the quality of the paint work. if we notice any light swirl marks or scuffs we will machine polish them out as part of the service but if the car requires more work we will inform the customer before we carry on as it is an additional cost. Once the car is ready we will panel wipe the areas we will be installing on to remove any remaining last contaminants.

Computer Generated Patterns

All of our patterns are computer generated. Xpel has a vast library of patterns for all types of vehicles. We modify the patterns as much as we can so that we can wrap around as many edges as possible and take in to account any badges, headlights or vents we take out in our preparation. These patterns are then plotted and cut by machine so that no knife will ever be cutting on your paintwork.

Liquid Application

Each section is then carefully applied to the vehicle using a slip solution to aid the positioning of the material into place. The slip solution is then squeegeed out from under the film, so there’s no chance of any air bubbles or creases.

The Finish

The film is virtually invisible once installed. Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film is an extremely high gloss film which enhances your paintwork as well as protect it. Xpel also offer Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film which is a satin finish film.

Affordable Protection

Having Xpel Paint Protection Film installed to your car can have a positive effect on the residual price keeping you ahead of the game when it comes to trading it in or selling it on. And with prices starting from as little as £399 (inclusive of VAT fully fitted) it offers a very good return on the initial investment. For more details please get in touch via the contact form or give us a call on 01342313624.

Great service, offered friendly advice on colour and honestly looks amazing, you won’t be disappointed if you use Race by Design for any work. Would use again.
Emma Batchelor
Amazing experience all round from Guy Jamesy and Bo at Race By Design. The quality of their work and attention to detail is even better than I expected. Happy customer!
Jonty Egginton
Just wow! Had my bike in for a detail and PPF and what an amazing service provided down at Race By Design. Guy and Alex really do give you trust in what they do and the results were out of this world. Made the Bike look brand new! Great bunch of guys down there and it was an absolute pleasure getting my bike done by you. Couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you!
Andrew Mulholland
Alex provided a swift detailed quotation to prepare and apply 'XPEL Ultimate Plus' Paint Protection Film (PPF) to my new Red Audi TTRS. My car was treated to an outstanding service, kept securely while we holidayed in France (At no additional cost) and presented to us in much better condition than when we picked it up from the dealership. I am a great believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ on this occasion I am please to say that this statement was exceeded. If you are considering having PPF applied to your car, I 100% recommend Race By Design. Guy and Co, keep up the great work.
Mark Brazier
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